Biography Tijn Wybenga
conductor, composer and pianist
Aims to cross all boundaries of contemporary musical genres.


Tijn Wybenga (1993) made the transition from jazz pianist and arranger to composer, conductor and artistic director. ‘He writes intense musical, touching notes, rich and ripe, highly personal and specific. His craftsmanship is indisputable, as he proved with his multidisciplinary performance Prikkel at Oerol, Oranjewoud and Grachtenfestival 2018.’ As a specialist at the intersection of modern classical, jazz and electronics, and AM.OK’s bandleader Tijn brings together 14 musicians, who play a typical Amsterdam sound together. They are working on their first album which will be released in the spring of 2020.

‘I strive to create a new music collective’, says Tijn, ‘expose the enormous diversity in the young Dutch music world.’ In June 2019 AM.OK released their first EP ‘Tijn Wybenga & AM.OK Live in het Bimhuis’ In August 2019 the second EP will be released with freshly recorded compositions from his multidisciplinary performance PRIKKEL.