Biography Tijn Wybenga
conductor, composer and pianist
Aims to cross all boundaries of contemporary musical genres.


Lives in Amsterdam. Dreams to be chief conductor of the prestigious Metropole Orchestra.

Wybenga’s music is a result of his passion in both jazz and classical music. He mixes them playfully and daring, with a touch of melancholy. In recent projects, his curiosity in modern popular music is convincingly hearable. Due to his raw, crispy electronic sounds.

Wybenga’s most recent project is the new orchestra AM.OK. It was born at the graduation concert of Tijn at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in September 2016. The resulting performance earned him a 9.5, which encouraged Wybenga to officially announce the formation of the ensemble.

Since 2016 he is also part of the production group Plugged Productions. In april 2016 he was commissioned to be the composer/conductor of a music project in Tokyo, Japan.

After his graduation in september 2016 Wybenga was assigned to write for two major projects of the Metropole Orchestra featuring DJ/producer Henrik Schwarz and Sharon Kovacs.

At the age of 15 he joined Junior Jazz College as a piano player at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. At the age of 18 he switched to composition and conducting for his bachelor studies.

Aside from his commitment to composition and conducting, he has an insatiable need to play the piano. In many of his projects he tries to merge these interests into one creative process. For example in his band Aurelio Project, with which he toured in Europe and South – Africa.  Also he is a band member of the prestigious Wicked Jazz Sounds. A collective combining DJ’s with jazz musicians.

Wybenga grew up in Hoorn. A small but culturally rich city. At the age of 7 he started to play the piano. In the years he lived there he grew into the music scene very intensively. Due to his respected musical journeys, now he is included in the book HopPopYeah. A book that tells the story of the thrilling music life in Hoorn


Prinses Christina Compositie Concours 2015, first prize

Prinses Christina Compositie Concours 2013, second prize.

Jazz&Sail Jazz on Stage 2008, first prize. Piano Player.





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